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Map Five Nights At Maxie’s 4 1.13
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Map Five Nights At Maxie’s 4 1.13

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We have two news for all people who like playing the Five Nights at Maxie’s games: a good one and a bad one. The good one is that a new map, the fourth one, is available and offers a new list of adventures and challenges for Tom, the main character. The bad news is that the present map, namely Map Five Nights At Maxie’s 4 is the final one in this series.

How does map Five Nights At Maxie’s 4 work

Like always, you will play Tom’s role. After getting safely to his home, he decides to visit his horror workplace one more time in order to convince himself that Maxie, the hostile owner of the pizzeria warehouse, is not such a bad creature after all.
When he gets there, he is met by a lot of bad animatronics. This time, Tom will have to be very careful because all he has is just a flashlight.

If you are ready to face Maxie-related dangers one more time and say goodbye to the characters of this popular horror map, Download Map Five Nights At Maxie’s 4 by clicking on the button below, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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