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Map Sickness 1.10
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Map Sickness 1.10

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Eating raw pufferfish is not the best idea, but what if this happens accidentally and as a consequence you have to go through the craziest hallucinations? Shall you call an ambulance? No. In this case you should proceed at playing Map Sickness.

How to play at map Sickness

The plot of this horror game is as follows: your player eats raw puffer fish and immediately feels sick (nausea, fatigue, etc.) but the worst thing is that he/she starts having hallucinations, even though it seems like reality.

Are you ready to go through a multitude of places and situations created as a result of your sick conscience? We should warn you that this is not going to be an easy journey, but we are sure you are brave and adventurous enough, so download the map by clicking on the button below, invite your friends and leave feedback.
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