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Map Mosephet City 1.10
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Map Mosephet City 1.10

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Even if Map Mosephet City is yet only a beta of the planned final map, there is a lot to visit and explore. With all its beautiful buildings and impressive atmosphere, you have no chance to get bored by walking through it.

Features of map Mosephet City

The map is still under construction, but by visiting the presented city, you will find that the already build constructions are very well designed and are of monumental beauty. For now, the city is divided into two districts. The Moject Architectural District is the place where you will find many constructions having and old styled, but very attractive design and an absolutely stunning monument which you will not be able to ignore, as hard as you try. The second district of the city is the Standard Scrap City with dozens of skyscrapers, busy roads, and an airport.

The creator of the map worked really hard for an entire year to offer us the possibility to visit Mosephet City, but he does not plan to stop here. He promises to add more houses, hotels and other buildings to the city.
If you don’t have the patience to wait for the final version of this map, we recommend you to take a walk along its streets right away. Download Map Mosephet City by clicking below, invite your friends and leave feedback.
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