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Map Dead By Dawn 1.16
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Map Dead By Dawn 1.16

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Map Dead By Dawn invites you and your friends to play an assassin–victim game. The game can be played on two different theme maps: A Christmas Themed Forest and the Mayhem Manor.

How to play at map Dead By Dawn

Up to five players can join this awesome game (but not less than two). One of the players will be randomly chosen to be the assassin. The rest of the players will have to play as survivors.
If you are lucky enough to play the role of the assassin, your task will be to hook each survivor for three times. This way you are killing them. To hook a player, you will have to knock him/her off and carry his/her body to a hook. To hook him/her, you will have to stand on crying obsidian. The pictures below display this process.
Map Dead By Dawn 1.16

If you are playing as a survivor, your task is to avoid the assassin’s attacks and stay alive. To escape, you will have to fix five generators. For this, you will have to pass through some skill checks. To start the skill check and generator fixing process, the survivor has to stand near one of the generators and drop green concrete into the second hotbar slot. The skill check will become active when dropping the concrete from the inventory. Be very careful because you have limited time to complete these checks. In order to fix one generator, you will have to go through five of these checks.

No matter what your role is, you will have the chance to use special abilities and tools to make your task easier.

If you want to try this map, make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions (at least Minecraft PE.16), hit the download button below, and invite some friends who would like to play with you.
For more horror maps, check our website. Of course, there are many other MCPE-related articles for any taste and all of them are for free. Have fun!

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